Specialists in Organisational Performance Management

We specialise in the field of organisational performance management.

Our approach delivers extraordinary results for our clients and builds improved performance management capability, notably by:

  • Enabling timely, confident, high-quality managerial decision-making throughout the organisation
  • Joining up thinking and action across all functions and levels of management internally, and across interfaces with important suppliers or partners
  • Developing a connected, engaging, effective performance and learning culture

For instance:

  • One FTSE 250 client increased their anticipated profit by 42% within 12 months
  • Another client developed the world’s first-ever, web-enabled service for connecting individuals in financial need to appropriate charitable and state help, again within 12 months and from a standing start

As one of our clients said,

“We never thought our turnaround strategy would achieve such impressive results so quickly.”

NHS Trust Chairman

To help our clients achieve exceptional outcomes of this ilk, we apply three complementary disciplines (sometimes alone, sometimes in combination):

Organisational Performance Improvement – our Connected Performance™ and Control Tower approaches ensure the right people look at the right performance information for the right reasons at the right time and in the right way , thereby increasing the connectivity, quality and timeliness of managerial decision-making and action. This delivers strategic, operational and financial performance improvement and also creates a genuinely agile, responsive, engaging and learning culture.

Customer and Employee Engagement – applying innovative techniques to help organisations measure, analyse and improve both customer and employee engagement.

Organisation Design – applying the proven Work Structuring approach to designing jobs, teams and management structures so as to boost value creation and minimise overhead costs: and

Service System Transformation – applying the principles of Lean Service Design to improving the way the work gets done, thereby delivering improved customer experience , increased employee engagement and improved financial performance.

We believe the work we do for our clients is truly exceptional. However, the real test is not what we believe but what our clients actually say about working with us. Here are three representative client quotes:

“This now seems so obvious it’s amazing we never saw things this way before.”

FTSE 250 Managing Director

“Your approach has demonstrated its ability to address some deep-seated performance problems quickly and effectively.”

Strategic Health Authority Director of Performance

“I still don’t know how you did it, but bringing along my whole executive team to deliver our new vision and business model was stunningly helpful.”

World-leading Travel Company Chairman