Control Tower

Landmark Consulting’s Control Tower approach optimises the management of hospital outpatient appointments, making it easier to schedule emergency, new and follow-up appointments.

Clinics achieve higher utilisation, patients are seen earlier, clinical outcomes are improved and hospital staff experience far less stress.

Our latest paper on the Control Tower approach is at 12-11-12 MBE Control Tower Paper v2.4 (Final Submitted).

A typical Control Tower project:

  • Agrees overall goals, and where best to start
  • Agrees underpinning principles with clinical leaders
  • Identifies available data on patient bookings. and feeds this into a visual planning system that informs the management of variation in demand and provision
  • Coaches the planning team on how to optimise patient bookings and resources
  • Quantifies and communicates financial and non-financial benefits in order to sustain continual improvement

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