Services and Sectors

Connected Performance

Connected Performance improves organisational performance by improving management decision-making capability. It achieves this by re-designing  the flow and usage of information within organisations as a management process. This helps operational teams capture insights, leading to more effective action.

Control Tower

Hospitals, worldwide, face the ongoing challenge of optimising outpatient appointments, balancing minimal delays and clinical priorities on the one hand against maximum efficiency on the other, in the context of financial constraints. Our Control Tower methodology enables clinicians and managers to orchestrate patient flow in a manner analogous to how air traffic controller orchestrate incoming flights.

Work Structuring

Work Structuring is a unique set of principles and tools, developed by Christian Schumacher, for designing organisations, teams and jobs to make them more productive. Landmark Consulting uses this approach to create the best structural conditions for process improvement and Connected Performance.

Lean Service Design

Our Lean Service Design methodology is based on leading concepts in the fields of lean thinking, systemic thinking, change management and leadership and organisation development. We have extensive experience in the service sector and in helping partner organisations to collaborate along an end-to-end value stream.

Inter-Personal Skills for Organisational Performance

Inter-personal skills – in areas such as negotiation and partnering, conflict handling, conducting difficult conversations, personal coaching and workshop facilitation – help many of the projects we execute with our clients deliver faster and more effectively. We provide best-practice coaching and training in these and related areas.