Lean Service Design


We have applied leading-edge techniques of service transformation and systems thinking, to achieve dramatic improvements in the performance of healthcare, utilities, retailing and financial services as well as manufacturing and local government.

Our approach is to work alongside our clients, helping them understand and apply principles such as:

  • Know what value means for customers;
  • Think outside-in and end-to-end;
  • Tackle the service as a whole system;
  • Understand and design for the profile of demand;
  • Improve the flow of processes;
  • Design pull systems for services, resources and information; and
  • Reduce and avoid waste of all kinds

All systems contain waste. In a service environment, these may include:

  • Multiple customer contacts to resolve a single issue;
  • Missing, incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant information;
  • Imbalances between demand and capacity (bearing in mind that unused capacity in a service context cannot be stored as inventory, and hence is lost forever); and
  • Customers not receiving what they wanted, when they wanted it, and then switching to other suppliers (often online, at the click of a mouse).

Most of these wastes are avoidable. 

Our coaching regularly helps clients achieve outcomes such as:

  • 40-60% improvements in end-to-end process times;
  • 25-35% increases in productivity;
  • Up to 95% reductions in unwanted demand; and
  • Up to 85% reductions in cancelled appointments.

This discipline is led by Steve Briault, who is a regular contributor to Cardiff University’s Lean Enterprise Research Centre MSc in Lean Operations Management.

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