PMA Conference and Symposium Papers

For ease of reference, papers presented by Landmark Consulting at previous PMA Conferences and Symposia are downloadable as follows:

(1)    PMA Conference 2004 (Edinburgh): Getting the Most Out of Performance Measurement (see Paper for PMA 2004 (Final))

(2)    PMA Conference 2006 (London): ‘Plumbed-In Performance Improvement’: Accelerating Improvement and Adaptation in Organisations (see Paper for PMA 2006 – Alan Meekings – v1.1)

(3)    PMA Symposium 2010 (Loch Lomond): Goal-Directed Behaviour and Target-Setting: A New Way Forward (see 10-09-28 PMA Symposium Paper v2.6)

(4)    PMA Conference 2012 (Cambridge): Connected Performance: A New Approach to Managing and Improving Organisational Performance (see PMA 2012 Paper (Final Version))

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