Our key values are:

  • Leading edge-work – working at the leading edge in our field, through innovation and continual improvement
  • Passion – a passion for making a difference and delivering value for our clients
  • Trust – earning a high level of trust from our clients and each other
  • Openness – open-book and open-minded, sharing concerns and opportunities with colleagues and clients
  • Unconditional positive regard – seeing the best in others and building on this, and also adopting an appreciative approach
  • Ethical – putting the best interests of our clients ahead of our own
  • Shared interests – working in alignment with shared interests in organisations, rather than hierarchical power
  • Enthusiasm – we are inherently enthusiastic about creating new ways of working and managing organisations
  • Teamwork – a willingness to help and be supportive without being asked, and to adopt a partnership approach with our clients

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